" A world that I don't belong to "

The concept of "me" or "I" requires people, individuals. 

Family, friends, lovers or strangers. 

Without the existence of these others,

"I" cannot be justified in existence and so can't they without "me." 

I need others as they need me in this world.

My world is not my own as their world is not their own, 

so we can only wish to fill what the other lacks to make the world complete. 

We have decided to not only focus on what is ours alone

but on the universe and its universal things.

May it be things we have not acknowledged before or things we have casted aside in the shadows,

we look to give these missed things, their characters and stories a platform.

We welcome you to help us collect these pieces of the forgotten and neglected and perfect our imperfect world. 

“Equality of thought and individuality”

Worldsnotmine is a global multi brand

that strives to collaborate with various designers and artists

to extend its creative reach

 The brand itself acts as a vessel to embody individuality

and is a melting pot of different perspectives

and creative outlook each and every season.

“Enjoyment of Art”

Art is truly the tool to express heavy thoughts

and explore sensitive issues in a fun manner.

That's why our team aims to delivery more than just packeged goods,

but a story that we wish to create and tell.

Worldsnotmine is driven to provide a meaningful experience

that goes beyond products and its materialistic gain.