Our ancestors kept a treasure box in one's home

to keep their gods in close vicinity.

In hopes that the gods will keep their home safe and bring good luck.

Gods have seeped in to people's lives this way and have been surrounding us in this way,

including god of goblin (Dokkabi god)

Like the song he sings, Come on Silver Come on Gold (금 나와라 뚝딱) , while swinging his bat,

Dokkaebi is a scary yet kind god. I wish to portray his image without any distortion and to let his story live without being forgotten.

This collection uses the symbolisms of the moon

as seen in various philosophies and religions.

Focusing on the images of snake and bull symbolizing the moon,

we have utilized the natural curves of each animal

with the cold hues of blues to express the moon's characteristics.

Various mythology exist in both the West and East.

Korea also has its own unique mythology,

but various stories have been altered, forgotten, and erased without being told properly.

Something that is drowning cannot do anything else but reach out its hand toward the light,

hopelessly attempting to go forward to it.

But will it really disappear that way?

If our memory is revived, it is bound to come back to life.

Do you see the woman in the drawing?

She's dearly holding a flower that looks

as if it will disappear in the slightest breeze.

However, the flower she holds is not a fragile flower, but herself.

She is comforting her own self that has been hurt and become weak.

Do not forget, the only person who can accept and understand you completely is you, yourself.

The sun that shines bold and bright

always rises and falls in the same path.

It is one of the sources of life.

That light is mainly reflected as the eagle and ram.

Their intense, burning eyes remind one of the sun.

Would you care to listen to their glowing stories?


Portraying a great titan as a sleeping fetus, enormous, and that much pure.